musings III

We met.
Yeah, we met, introductions were made and we shook hands and became instant friends.
The thing was I’m no talker, my unofficial brother on the other hand is sir talkalot and that’s why I like going out with him…he does a lotta the talking, I do the connecting.
I will explain, when I say talk, I mean he just keeps going on and on about everything and anything which makes him ideal to keep the conversations rolling, I on the other hand, am a selective, I like to listen deep, I’m selectively introvertic, yeah that’s it. So he did the talking, I did the selecting and we went on until it was time to leave…
My unofficial brother in his wisdom gave her my phone to enter her number and when she collected it, it struck me as strange that the first thing she did was scroll through my messages and I noticed a smile on her face…”maybe it was my imagination, till this day I haven’t asked about it”
Yeah, she eventually dialled her number from my phone and that was the beginning of a beautiful friendship.
It is important to point out that these occurences are from half a decade ago and the characters may or may not have the same behavioural patterns and are not portrayed to embellish this blog.So we became friends…
At the time I had only one thing in mind which was friendship, no strings and no “benefits” either (you know). I used to do most of the calling until one day I confronted her and said “I will not call you if you do not start returning my calls”.
Ladies do not like calling, so, I waited, as did she. I was itching to talk but I didn’t wanna come across as weak, afterall I was making a point. It paid off, for after a couple of days she called and blasted me for beign all these and all that, I did not mind, goal achieved.
Lots of nights spent talking on extra cool, 7 days a week and countless messages back and forth, enough to make a spouse go green with envy. I was not in a relationship, so it was okay, at the time, she was but it seemed right because I had no ulterior motive…this went on for the better part of two years until…
U dint know what happened, maybe it was me, maybe it was she, maybe it was both our faults but whatever the case may have been, we lost touch, the calls and messages stopped all of a sudden, dead of natural causes. When I look back now, I think it was due to the fact that I should have asked her out and did not, or maybe even kissed her, back then, I didn’t even miss her.
For I met another, an attractive, bright, young, prospective…(((shrugs)))
All this while I wasn’t in any serious relationship, just the occassional fling, one night stand, mercy f**k, etc but then with this new chic, something changed, I lost interest in most other girls, including my dearly beloved ‘best friend’ with whom I had been undilutedly addicted to up till the “sudden death”…I lost touch with her, somehow, somehow, due to the absence if strings, maybe.
She was really attractive, highly sought after in school in those days, though, to be honest, I was secretly crushing on her best friend but she chose me. How do I know this? Well, you know what they say, “birds of a feather” she located me.
We had had a couple of encounters in the past and I liked her as a person but a relationship was not a thought on my mind until that day in class when fate in the form of a lecturer put us in the same project group for BCH 402, we exchanged numbers as we would be working together over the course of the semester. Thus, we became work buddies.
I love texting, I could probably win an award in that category if such existed, I find texting, a convenient means of communicating without betraying emotion except that which the author wishes to portray.
I sent a text.
Simple to the unknowing eye but flirtatious in the eyes of a pro, yes a pro…it goes both ways.
The contents of the text i cannot reproduce 100% but…I will try.


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