travails of a young heart

Just a day, an ordinary day, a lazy day if you like. I had a basket full of laundry, carry overs from about a month but who cares, I’ll get it done in my own time. Anyways I was in the sitting room watching nothing in particular, majorly just socialising with my “smart”phone when she came in. She was a not-so-regular visitor, so, seeing her was kind of a surprise, or not, I’m not really sure, like one of those people that can come at any time, you can’t turn them away and you don’t really talk to them.

Sha, since I was bored, I decided, let’s leave smartphone socialising for a little bit. We got to talking and we hit it off pretty quick, too quick for me, if I may so say, being the reserved and introverted kind, I guess it helped that she is a talker. We had such a good time talking, that I offered to take her out to lunch, an excuse to leave the house and boredom behind, yeah.

First date.

It was really just lunch and Lunch was cool, we went to one of the eateries some ways from my place, afterall it was the weekend and the roads were free, easy driving is what I like to call it, we got to talking, again, and it seemed like we’ve been best buds for a decade. She was practically feeding me halfway through the meal, who cares, we’re just having fun.

All this while, she hadn’t touched her phone, I noticed because I dislike having a conversation and not making eye contact when the person is in such close proximity. I felt, finally, an “old fashioned” lady not like all these “information age” girls, they can’t ever seem to stop pressing their phones, BB virus is what I call it, an infectious strain.

We eventually left the place and she asked me to drop her off at an intersection a few blocks from her street, cuz her mom wouldn’t be happy seeing a guy drop her off when she was supposed to be strolling or whatever, yada yada yada…

she gave me her pin.

That was the beginning, bbm chats take several dimensions from beginning through to later on and what really surprised me was the “confessions” and professions of a love that had apparently been fostering in her heart since when she first saw me and how she was not too comfortable to show her inclinations because of the way I…in her words “le’ju”, which is kind of true sha, to be honest. She sent me photos, lots of photos, all kinds of photos, clothed, nude, pornographic material and I thought to myself “so much for finding a lady”, so I played along. At this juncture it is important to note that the lust crept in. I wanted to do “things” to her I would add in our chats on bbm. She loved it and told me she was surprised I could chat freely with her and even said she was super comfortable chatting on bbm, so much so that, we spend endless hours chatting.

We had sex.

This was about 8 days after the initial visit, I wasn’t expecting to get lucky so soon, though I knew I was gonna eventually get into her pants, sorry, what pants, she’s not into them.

It wasn’t mind-blowing, fantasy, romantic, porn star kind, just the now I got you where I want you, do it quick before someone sees us kind…the WAM BAM THANK YOU MAAM kind. Subsequently, well…mind blowing was attained.

So here I am, having a good time, banging this really cute chic, and yeah, did I mention she’s an intern in one of the major oil companies, with a brain to match her looks. To be honest, I hadn’t felt this good in a while.

At this juncture, it is important to include the fact that I’m in a relationship, a serious one at that with the girl “of my dreams”. I started calling her that after having chased and toasted her for close to a year, she finally agreed to in her words “give me a trial”. I wouldn’t mind going out on a limb for this babe.

My girlfriend knows one thing for sure, I’ll call her at least twice in a day and she can call me any number of times she pleases in return, she also knows that I’ll send to and reply her text messages regardless of any number they may be, she loves these known facts about me. I’m also a strict follower of routines.

So, when this “thing” with the new chic started, yeah, I call her my new chic, not to her knowledge of course but new chic nonetheless, I kept to routine 2 calls and as many texts, it was easy peasy, joggling the two of them, besides my girlfriend is not a good bbm contact, she hardly replies chats when it matters.

My girlfriend is in school, she’s a 500L med student in UniBen, pretty, brilliant, good sense of humour, excellent culinary skills, this babe is what I like to call the full monty. Problem is, she wouldn’t have sex before marriage. A virgin, I was intrigued when she told me and equally speechless, the day she helped me by showing me how to confirm, I was dumbfounded, I told myself I was going to marry her at all costI know this shouldn’t be a problem, I mean, it wasn’t at first, now we’ve been dating for close to eleven months and she’s been talking about “our” anniversary, what I’m trying to say is…we’re really that serious.

She’s back.

All the while, my girlfriend wasn’t around, she was in school, believing that her man wouldn’t cheat on her, that he is keeping himself for her.

I’m not a bad person, most people tell me I’m good, my friends, neighbours, family members and business associates all agree that I’m a good person.

I couldn’t break the new chic’s heart and I don’t want to lose my girlfriend, my heart is in the balance, you can’t love two people, so I have to pick one, I decided to “cross the bridge” when I get to it, meanwhile, I’m enjoying the ride.

Like I said, she’s back, what do I do, you guys should help me out.


About dollipeezle

Reliable realist! I write for fun. You can follow me on twitter @islandah and picture me on instagram @dollipeezle
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20 Responses to travails of a young heart

  1. wuraola says:

    Oh Gee, man!!! You’re a really crazy man…..#speechless

  2. HernandeZ says:

    Brovn is this true? The Dolz I know aii’t a player and would never mess with a lady’s heart. You are in the goal post and I am sure u know what to do…….JUST DO IT

    By the way, I love ur writing………practically consumed it all through.

    *Thumbs up*

  3. £€DR¥$ says:

    Bro, the bridge isn’t far fetched, just follow ur heart/mind am sure it wont fail u,it never did tho. But, i must confess, this is insanity cus I AM SPEECHLESS!!!

  4. oaklahoma says:

    Islander’s no dey carry last…Wat a gud fiction frm my gentle friend…Gud work…cheerz

  5. Olabisi says:

    Hmmmmmmm,cd ds be tru?anyways I enjoyed readn d write up.Double dating is wrong as well as sex outsd marriage.Break up wt d new chik to save ur relatnshp wt ur girlfrnd.

  6. ronnyxy says:

    WoW!!! WoW!!!


    Mehn!!! You write so well, I am very much impressed.

    Although I am trying not too notice the “typical guy streak” all over the story, but like u wouldld say, “who cares?” Afterall, its intresting and catching. 😉

    Its a good one and yea, u are very good with words, u weave and play very nicely with them.

    I am impressed. *hi5*

  7. Adebayo Dotun says:

    A well-articulated write-up!!!!!

  8. WCP says:

    First of… I hope the new girl isn’t the one on my mind right now… Lol
    Nice write-up brother.

  9. Joy says:

    Men! Men! Men! Smh! I hope you lose both girls…that’ll be sweet…

  10. Oluwayemisi Ikumelo_missymycee says:

    Lol….thumbs up D!
    You are good with words*….on paper….but just about an introvert physically….Fictitious yeah but I can see a lil bit of “Dolapo” in it 😜😜

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