Ajah – Mile 12

…and the bus erupted in laughter.

It’s raining heavily on a Tuesday morning in Lagos. I’d sold my car earlier in the year in the hopes of buying a new one a few months later, only for the Naira to be deregulated, anyway, that’s talk for another day.

I left my flat in dolphin, and looking at the sky, I knew the rain was imminent, I had no plans to carry the burden of an umbrella in addition to my man bag, so I stepped up my pace. I walked to obalende underbridge to board a bus.

Ajah 250, Lekki, Jakande 200 scream both the driver and the conductor, I hop in quickly, the bus is full in no time and we are on our way.

Two boys are hanging, and the driver says “Ola, je ki Samson hang si egbe e, oun ko ise ni” this is translated as “Ola allow Samson hang beside you, he’s learning the trade”

I’d never experienced this before, and wasn’t alone in this thought as some other passengers expressed their feelings. Anyway, the guy was undaunted as he hung on the bus beside the main conductor, so we set off towards Ajah.

Some people dropped off at Lekki, and there was an opening for new passengers and the conductor (main) started shouting Ajah – Market, the learner, not to be outdone, outperformed and seen as lazy quickly jumped off the bus, shouting Ajah – Mile 12, Ajah, Mile 12.

…and the whole bus erupted in laughter, even the driver couldn’t help himself, we all had a good laugh at the learner’s expense, the young lad was a bit confused at first but took it in good faith and smiled while the main conductor explained to him.

Now, the thing is no one started out as a professional. Yes, you may have the talent but if you don’t develop it and train and work hard, you won’t go very far.

My final message is this, it’s okay to be a learner, it’s okay to make mistakes, it’s okay to be laughed at but its not okay to pretend, to be silent and not ask questions, or to get angry and give up because people are laughing.

To everyone out there that keeps doing their best everyday, getting better at what they do, I say well done and keep it legit.


About dollipeezle

Reliable realist! I write for fun. You can follow me on twitter @islandah and picture me on instagram @dollipeezle
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2 Responses to Ajah – Mile 12

  1. Eedrys says:

    Nice one. There’s no monopoly of knowledge. We all learn from one another. Food for thought.

  2. Hernandez says:

    I’d say well done Dolz, you gotta nice message……but what happened to those stories of yours. Just “re-read” the 2011 piece and I thought “this dude should keep this s**t coming.
    Please write more…..especially fiction!

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