That’s her name.

I’ve been seeing her everyday for the past two years and I tell myself I’ll talk to her tomorrow.

Of course, at first we started to exchange greetings with our eyes everyday when we pass by each other, usually, almost in the same spot.

Then we progressed to hello, good morning, and have a nice day.

The first day I spoke to her, I felt really good, like a child, who has gotten a gift.

She was wearing this red dress, and she shone, bright as the morning Sun, I remember seeing her from a ways off and saying to myself, this is the day I talk to this beautiful lady, and so I did.

Even though, it was a pretty simple and to the point exchange involving a good morning, happy new year, and you look so beautiful today, I noticed how her face brightened up like she had been expecting this moment for a long time but I’m hopelessly shy and barely received her responses before trudging on to work like a war machine.

Still, it was beautiful, and I promised myself to keep the convo going step by step from there.

But I did not see her again, and then my route changed, I got mobile and that was the end…

Until I saw her one very tired evening around 6:14pm, when she waved from inside a motorised three wheeler, and she had that smile on her face and that accusatory look that said “you didn’t look for me, or try to find me” but it didn’t matter because I stopped and watched that three wheeler hoping it would stop and she would come running into my arms.

Of course, nothing of the such happened, and I went home happy to see her, and sad that I missed those everyday exchanges so. I did a timestamp and mentally channelled my passage to be around that time everyday, and so it was that our morning exchanges switched to the late afternoon/ evening without my asking her name, or her number, or anything else but a hello and goodbye.

And then I did not see her again, for months.

I’m on my way to work one morning, and I see her at the bus stop, waiting in line for the next vehicle, our eyes made contact, and from that distance, we held each other’s gaze like a chemical equation was taking place, a neutralization reaction, as it felt so subtle, so simple and so natural. I walked up to her and had a semblance of a real conversation, for the first time, and it felt good. I got her name, Modupe and it was like music to my ears, I kept playing her voice in my head and indeed it was a good day.

It’s been three months since that day and I know that the next time I see her I’ll get her number and ask her out for some ice cream and pizza. I’ll ask her out on a date.

Modupe, sweet dark skin, chocolatey beauty.


About dollipeezle

Reliable realist! I write for fun. You can follow me on twitter @islandah and picture me on instagram @dollipeezle
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  1. Eedrys says:

    Mouth-watering… I comment my reserve for the last part 👊👌 Can’t wait!!!!

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