One Decade of New Year’s Eves


December 31 2006 was the first time I would attend a street rave with the goons. For some unknown reason, my grandparents let me out of the house without a curfew. I was elated. Finally!!!

The party started in our estate, and just after midnight we hit the streets. Everywhere was bubbling, I mean everywhere. We started from Alof/ Omididun, moved on to Oshodi, down to Ricca, and then Bamgbose.

Long story short, there was a party on every street, at every street corner, and every hood. Also, there were fights, which is also why we kept moving around. Some areas were a no go due to their notoriety, places like oju ina, isale eko, apongbon to mention a few… not because we couldn’t go but it’s far from the base and peeps from there (and some other places) have zero joy.

And then there was the sex, the weed, the alcohol but thankfully, no drugs, not like today’s scene.



Funny how I went from best Christmas eve ever to most boring in just one year. This was some painful experience. I was indoors, all alone.



This was another indoor experience. Thankfully though, I had company. I must have spent 5 days indoors, eating, sleeping (including with) and while there were no outdoor activities, the indoor activities were fun enough.



Church, yes church.

I hadn’t spent New Year’s eve in church in a very long time, so 2009 was kind of different. Suffice it to say, it was a very spiritual experience.



There was a Benin flame that occupied my thoughts all through 2010 so it was only right that I crossed over with her. Suffice it to say, she showed me some Bini hospitality I’m unlikely to forget, ever.



This one was not planned, like play, there was a girl I met on Twitter, and she seemed very nice, she dared me to come over and I did. We camped out I’m a hotel for a week. Till date, only a few people know I started 2012 in Eastern Nigeria.



Elegushi Beach. My friend told me that this would be a good idea, he didn’t lie, I wasn’t disappointed. This was a great way to cross over, no lie. Elegushi spenders don’t play!


Another indoor experience, 2013 was a tough year, it started on a slow note, and progressed quite awfully, it ended on a better note but that was one helluva year, thank God for life.

London, England

If anyone had told me I’d be in London, that time a year ago, I would laugh because I had no such plans and such travel anyway was not a priority for me. However, it just so happened that myself and a few others won an all expense paid Christmas in London. It was a different experience entirely. I think I went 24 hours without sleep at some point.

There was a different girl, a different club and a different story every night. It was MAF!!!


Indoors. At home. Not so exciting but all well and good, we have to thank God for life na. Nothing happened, just another day.


Mafoluku, Oshodi

This one is one experience I don’t want to recount because it wasn’t what I expected sha. It was not an ideal New Year’s Eve at all but all the same…

I wonder what 2017 has in store, anyway, here’s to a great year ahead. I want another out of Naija experience… somebody come and sponsor me to Europe o…!


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3 Responses to One Decade of New Year’s Eves

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  2. Really interesting I must say…

  3. Ajibola says:

    How far can you go for a girl? Lol! I like this story and how it unfolded in different parts of Nigeria before going across the Atlantic.

    I look forward to more experiences you’d share with us on here.

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