A tale of two people

This story you’re about to read is actually compiled thoughts of two individuals whose paths crossed and life happened to them. It is a story of love told from both sides. While it is fictional, it is something we may have come across at some point in time.


Okay, I’ve met quite a few girls, most offline and quite a few online but none of them have ever left an impression like her, henceforth referred to as Sasha, her preferred nickname.

Sasha Fierce

Sasha is one of a kind, she’s smart, intelligent and very expressive, she’s someone you can’t help but fall in love with, she’s fun, she’s bold and she says things as they are. Sasha is a lover of God, a good Christian woman. The first time we met, you’d think we’ve known each other for years, I thought it would be the usual awkward first time meetings I usually have but this was different. I absolutely wanted to be friends with Sasha but she made it known to me that she wanted more.

More, the only thing I could not just give. You see, while we had only met one time, six to eight weeks before that time, we were actually talking everyday, chatting actually because I didn’t ask for her number until about two weeks before we met.

Funny thing is our chat was on Instagram, you know how hard that is, or you don’t. I should have asked for her number after the first day of chatting but I like to take my time with these things, I like to study people before I give up my private number… yada yada yada

Sasha is possessive in the kindest and sweetest way. She can be very possessive and even though I tell her I don’t want a relationship and she agrees with me that she respects my opinion, I know she has a eyes set on turning me, sooner, rather than later and I’m afraid to break her heart and disappoint her but what needs to be done will be done.

Here’s the thing, all my friends think she’s good for me, others even ask if we are already dating and the truth is, it does feel like we are dating, seeing as all the characteristics of a dating couple are evident, we are not dating. I’ve asked many times “what are we” and she answers best when she says “Hmmm…I really can’t define it but I have an idea, we are two grown adults who somewhere along the line fell in love but one is scared of commitment”. I can’t love her the way she loves me but she loves me nonetheless. Who are we to deny love? Love is no respecter of race, tribe, colour or religion. Love just happens, it just is and always will be.

You’re probably wondering why, why can I not love this lover of God and lover of life itself, this fierce, intense Christian woman with a pure heart and a happy soul.


I met him on Instagram in August 2017 (a few days after his birthday) when I was away on holiday in Warri, we started chatting and it became a part of me, like an addiction. I liked everything about him and from the very first day we chatted, I knew there was more this guy.

We kept sending Dm’s and even thought it was awkward that he never asked for my number, I was happy to keep the conversation going. He is a young, vibrant man, highly intelligent, smart , expensive, God fearing, loving and kind hearted man. He hardly ever complains, and he’s always grateful for everything and that made me wonder if guys like that really existed (still) outside of the movie screen. We connected from day one and in his defense, he made known to me what he wanted, which, unfortunately, was just to be friends but I wanted more. I wanted so much more, and can you blame me? Here was a man who lights up my face with a smile, motivates me to be better and tells me I can do all things, he empowers and emboldens me, why should I not shoot my shot?

The first day we met, physically, and in person, I was in awe, he practically swept me off my feet with his charm and gentle spirit. I couldn’t take my eyes off him, we got along so well and connected quickly like we’ve known each other for decades, he’s so lovable and sweet.

But here’s the thing, he is a devoted Muslim. Hmmm…I’ve never connected with a Muslim guy the way I connected with him. As a matter of fact, the day I meet a guy and he says he’s a Muslim, I just immediately give up and say kolewerk mehn and that’s the end… but this dude got me real hard.

I’ve never dated a Muslim guy in my entire life but this one got me gan! We kept talking and something happened… I fell in love. Jeez! I didn’t bargain for this now knowing what his stand is, how can I be in love with him? He does not want me now, I kept struggling with my feelings, I kept fighting it but I guess Love won the battle because I couldn’t keep up with the pretense anymore… For the first time in my twenty something years, I told a guy I loved him.. OMG! One of the hardest things ever, and I felt I was gonna look cheap in front of him.

Everyone thinks we are dating because I always talk about him, I blush anytime someone mentions his name (silly me right?)

I’m willing to take a chance on him only if he wants to.

I remember praying one day and I said please dear Lord, can you make him change his mind about dating a Christian girl? I know that may sound selfish and silly but it came from a sincere heart.

Closing thoughts (his)

A long time ago, well, not so long ago, I made a decision that I would not date outside my religion (Islam) and save myself the heartache of dealing with spiritual differences and what not. This does not mean that I don’t have Christian friends with whom I enjoy good company but I promised myself never to get carried away which is why I can’t love Sasha like she loves me.

My decision is final.

Regardless of what happens, one thing is for sure though, I’m glad that we met, and I’ll forever have a special place in my heart for Sasha, she who is strong and firm, yet kind and gentle.

Closing thoughts (hers)

So, here’s the thing, if it works out with him, I’ll scream and give him a punch on the face and ask why it took him a lifetime to change his mind but if it doesn’t, I’ll be just fine knowing he’s fine and move on to greater things.

The End


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